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Ladydust★Cup (Ladydust Merch)

Ok, this couldn’t be missed:) The Ladydust cup:)

Drink the magic potion along her in it:) It doesn’t necessarily mean u have to be a superhero as well to drink ur coffee or tea in Ladydust cup. But it would certainly help if u were one!

Go purchase it like the bags, at: Paypal.Me/Ladydust/20EUR Then you e- mail in your full address at: with the subject: ‘LADYDUST MERCH”. Cost: 20 euro (shipping included)

Finally, if you are a member of Vendora, you can also get it quite easily, especially by using the ‘Box Now’ service! Go to:

Finally, find all of that, at the official Ladydust Store at Etsy: ❤  #ladydust #ladydustmerch #planetladydust #ladydustthebook #LadydustCup