In the very -very beginning, Ladydust was in fashion as lyrics say in famous Suede song.

View an album with around 700 shots of her in terms of all that, here.
She did enough editorials, catwalks, campaigns,, tv spots, while shootings of hers have been transformed & used for various reasons like art projects, paintings, illustrations, even book covers.

She collaborated with many top photographers all around the world as well as visual artists or even instructors of aesthetics. Some names (in random order) of the photographers she's worked with: Nikos Papadopoulos, Tasos Vrettos, Milo, Natalie Shau, Costas Coutayar, Demosthenes Davvetas, Kitao Studio, Stathis Mamalakis, Olympia Mytilinaiou, Andreas Stavrinides, Dimitris Petratzas, Philip Lavere, Ryan Schembri, Jamtul, Μ.Markidis, Yannis Georgoulias, David Beckstead, Robert Balasko, Alex Kat, Jamtul, Kostas Mitropoulos, Stefanos Pasxos, Nantia Papanikolaou, Giorgos Kalfamanwlis, Akis Paraskevopoulos, Haris Zambarloukos, Andonis Mamillos, Dennis Orchard, Antonis Argyrakis, Holy Mustache, Jim Garner, Amaryllis, Kevin Kubota, Kon/nos Konstantinou, Joan Fotopoulou, Nadia Kouloura, Theodoros Chliapas, Ioannis Valassakis, Endrit Halili, Kon/nos Pigadas, Adam Alex, Alexandros Iwannides, Spiros Agrianitis, Alkistis Terzi, Dimitra Gjonte, Manolis Restakis, Vasilis Pliatsikas, Markos Holevas, Periklis Lenas, Manos Cizek, George Fotopoulos, Orestis Charalambous, Giorgos Malekakis, J.Kekatos, Aggelos Kalodoukas, Vishy Mogan, Giorgos Bolanos, Pantelis Zervos, Nikos Vandwros, Mara Desypris, Seth Siro Anton, Thodoris Koutouvides, Argiris Karras, Wessam Omar, Dimitris Koumniotis, Angelo Evans, Dimitra Atsali, Ioanna Tzetzoumi, Nikos Vardakastanis, Thodoris Markou, Manolis Daloukas, Spyros Staveris, Yorgos Mavropoulos, etc etc

Her more complex interests would guide her though in the future, to a lot of other 'paths'. Modeling though was a pleasant experience, & for sure- back then- a starting point in the world of show business.


So Nietche had said smth really wise in his lifetime. That in music, the passions enjoy themselves'. (Well, especially in rock n' roll, Ladydust would add by laughing - in the broader & definitely philosophical meaning of the word..

This is the initial reason why she studied music for some years, (2 years of drums & 1 of electric guitar & music theory at filippos nakas music school) & why she also started playing music as a jokey, presenting in every corner of the world, her performances signing as Ladydust & as a parallel activity with everything else in her dusty life. In the process, she followed also for 6 months the 'audio' section of SAE music school.

'That weren't no dj that was hazy cosmic jive' declare Starman's lyrics right?.

So far, she numbers more than 600 dj sets, plenty festivals along with popular names of the international music industry such as the Orbital/b>, Daniel Miller, Tricky , The Get Well Soon , Steve Wynn, Dan Stuart, Sivert Hoyem, Craig Walker, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Phil Shoenfelt,The Pierced Arrows, Mecano etc

She's been the main guest in major events such as the 'Denim Circus Exhibition' in Paris & has appeared in plenty other ones in other cities, like London, Bucharest etc. She's had common appearances all over different cities during her 15 years of touring so far, with dozens of bands (see menu: 'Dust Sets' for details).

Ladydust has finally been in charge of the music production of glamorous fashion shows, (some shown on Fashion TV channel), & has collaborated with big advertising companies by choosing the music for tv spots & campaigns of their clients.

In different circumstances she invested with her tunes from science conferences like the Elife Congress (under the auspices of the Hellenic Republic), to cultural events like this one for the Nobel awarded author Margarita Karapanou, (in terms of Athens as the world capital of litterature), or big charity events like the 360 Bazaar in Syntagma square.

She also hosts her own radio broadcast, called: 'Planet Ladydust', in which she presents fresh releases from the international landscape, but also shining diamonds from the pantheon & the past. (see menu: 'planet ladydust')

Planet Ladydust is a magical journey in the galaxy of music, containing in its evolution, short stories & messages of the book of Ladydust. (see menu: Ladydust -The Book)

It also has a brunch which involves interviews of artists, called Tales Of Planet Ladydust Interviews Section. This is a series of 'you tube' style innovative mini broadcasts that reveal the real stories and myths behind planet ladydust's artists.

Ladydust's mixcloud where she hosts her planets and other mixes, has so far dozens of thousands of listens and has been recommended and selected by it in its global newsletters among the best of the world.


Blanche Du Bois at the theatrical play 'A street car named 'Desire', said smth similar to Nietszche. She said: 'I don't want realism. I want magic! Yes, Yes, Magic! I try to give that to people.'

That's why Ladydust also chose acting. In fact acting, was her first choice back to the years after high school, & this huge time of absence that followed, had certainly created this need to spread more magic. Like Blanche.

So she did for some years studies with some famous coaches (to name a few: Bernard Hiller, Leon Herbert, Cosmin Chivu , Olga George & entered the hot game.

The last years found her either in starring or in cool guest roles in international movies such as: Portable Life (NL), Receta (CA), Tere Mere Darmiyan (IN), The Final Pay Off (GR) & enough more. Also with Oscar awarded directors like Guy Nattiv in the movie Magic Men (IL).

In addition she did starring roles on tv, (Heaven's Key ANT 1), theatrical plays, videoclips, (some shown in uk & us MTV like Seal of Lilith), voice overs, audiobooks, tv spots & the starring roles in 20th Century's Fox: Rio, Rio 2, Ice Age 4 & Ice Age 5.

She's also been an executive producer in movies like The Penal Colony, which went to the short film corner at Cannes film fest, got awarded at Sydney & was in the selection of shortage fest as one of the best indie films globally.
In addition to being an executive producer, she's also been an assistant producer in the Bollywood feature film ‘tere mere darmia.’ (IN)

Cοming to acting now, the movie The Final Pay Off in which she is starring
recently (2021) took distribution in US by Bay View Entertainment and is already on Amazon, Wallmart, Deep Discount, Barnes & Noble etc. It is also available to be watched in on line streaming platforms.

On July 20th, 2021 it was chosen by the platform of Cinesquare as film of the week.

As for voice acting, she has been among other collaborations, the official voice in the audiobooks of uk based On Time Books, which has already titles of its books on the top charts of Amazon.

Finally she has done some presenting, which is smth that she adores too.


In general, she has a strong presence generally in the social networks around the globe as one of the oldest, most popular, avatars born at the legendary period of 'my space'.
She occasionally writes poetry & posts it on her networks.


Most importantly, Ladydust is holding a story of her own & this story is coming out in a book which is currently being written.

Read some recommendations for her, coming from top people of music and cinema industry, with whom she has collaborated so far, and some interviews and credits of hers, translated in a pdf.

Also an archive of jobs of hers at this link.
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