"Ladydust is not just a name referring to a fantastic super heroine, nor just the trademark & brandname of Marina Tsigonaki, who is an actress, radio producer & a popular dj. The name Ladydust is mainly an idea which is referring to a very specific and deep story. The tagline of this story is: ‘freedom against gravity’. Gravity in this, appeals to different human stereotypes in many different ways. The word "gravity" in this tagline also refers to fear and to human darkness. The Ladydust tale is currently in process of being narrated through a book. For the moment, check out the links on this website to get an idea of Marina’s life and career, a journey haunted by this avatar known as Ladydust."

"Ladydust is a multidisciplinary artist, visionary & the embodiment of retro sci fi glam. She’s a DJ, actress, model, writer, cat whisperer & many, many other things we’ll never know." (Mark Fernyhough
Musician, Editor at NME music magazine, Photographer at ITALIAN VOGUE).

"The best DJs, whether on the radio or in the clubs, create and alter reality. They’re like pilots taking me on a little trip and I have to assume they’re going to get me where I need to be. I don’t need my musical pilots to reinforce reality—I get plenty of that day to day. That’s why I’m such a fan of Ladydust. Her online playlists remind me of my childhood days of listening to progressive FM disc jockeys, transporting me to another world and I’ve been fortunate enough to have her set the tone for a few of my live shows. I listened to her pre-show sets almost as a clue to where I wanted to go once I hit the stage. And I’d like to believe she did the same once she returned to her wheels of steel once I was done. I think we were a good outer-space sonic relay team. ‘Dust has a bunch of really great sets up on MixCloud that I enjoy from time to time—check ‘em out and take your hands off the wheel. She’ll get you where you need to go." (STEVE WYNN
from the Dream Syndicate)

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