Ladydust has been invited during the last 20 years to share magic & glitter and to present as a guest dj her sets, in more than 700 live performances in dozens of tours in more than 40 cities.

She's also shared this magic on dexx in major festivals and in capitals of the world along the biggest names of the international music scene, like Time Shift Festival, 7 years Control festival (Bucharest), and in big fashion events in cities like Paris, London etc
In Paris actually, a limited edition collection containing tracks selected by her and taken from bands from the greek indie rock scene was given as a gift by the italian sponsor, Lycra to thousands of people.

Many bands with whom she's played on stage either in her guests or in the same festivals have been: The Velvoids, The Bad Mathematics, The Social End Products, The Bet, The Dark Rags, Xaxakes, Giorgos Dimitriadis, The Bitter Sweet, The Liarbirds, The Ass, The Mind Departure, Oof the Record, Irish Goodbyes, Closer, Cyanna, Pop Eye, Gad, Ok, The Voyage Limpid Sound, The Screaming Fly, The Telestons, Altribe, Echo Tattoo, Menta, Electrica, The Victim of Society, The Unsuccesfuls, Five star Hotel, Dead Miss Heat, Sidetrack, Katrin The Thrill, Zebra Tracks, Rosebleed, Transistor, Mary’s Flower Superhead, The Fuzzy Nurds, Katerina Duska, Monsieur Minimal, Angelika Dusk, Daphne & the Fuzz, Decomposer, Mavro-Kokkino, Massroom, Υouth in Outer Space, Loo (Swim), J.Kοutsiouris (The Strays /The black drummer).

Some of the cities of her guests in her country have been: Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Patra, Corinthe, Trikala, Lamia, Larisa, Karditsa, Serres, Kozani, Katerini, Alexandroupoli, Ioannina, Naypaktos, Kavala, Arta, Chania, Sougia, Matala, Rethymnon, Herakleion, Ierapetra, Kws, Neoi Poroi, Mykonos, Santorini, Milos, Kythera, Syros, Rhodes and the list goes on:)

She has appeared in the biggest & most important venues of her country like: Terra Vibe, Fuzz, Gagarin, Petras Theater, Half Note Jazz Club, Texnopolis, Miga, Six Dogs, Passport, Stavros tou Notou, Sfigga (Athens) Boxx live Stage (Ioannina), Politeia (Patra), Stage (Larissa) etc. Talking just for Athens, she has dj'ed in around 90 places and in synopsis, she has dj'ed in more than 130 venues all around, so far.

She has also been the guest dj in important festivals & events of her music scene like the greek alternative day, Matala festival, 4 living Thursdays, It’s summertime again 2023 festival, Down to Mexico festival, let me know festival , 360 Bazaar/Syntagma, alice in the gallery of miracles fest, Earthdance Festival, summer street concerts dunkel fest, Batcave fest, united vii fest, full moon and the tribe festival, etc.
Ladydust has also had the art direction in other major festivals, or she has from times to times, organised and produced her own ones .

She has been responsible four times for the music production in fashion shows, like Daphne Valente's (president of greek designers) and Katerina's Alexandraki (locations: Zappeion mansion & Texnopolis / Gazi). Her work, has been globally presented on Fashion TV.

She has additionally invested with her tunes various other events, from science congresses (like 'elife congress' under the auspices of the Hellenic Republic), to cultural events (like in author Margarita Karapanou in terms of Athens as the capital of world literature in 2018), to glorious glitter drag shows in other cases, to visual arts exhibitions (like in Cheap Art), to exhibitions of photographers (like this one of Stephie Grape)
, to theatrical events, or cinema ones.

She has opened and closed up and shared the stage with artists like The Orbital (UK), Tricky (UK), Nadine Shah (UK), The Get Well Soon (DE), Sivert Hoyem (NO), Craig Walker (IR), Mecano (NL), ,Irish Goodbyes (WI), The Soup (NO), Steve Wynn (US), Dan Stuart (US), The Pierced Arrows (US), Phil Shoenfelt (UK), The Dream Syndicate (US), Chris Hughes (AU), Cold Reading (CH), King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard (AU), Actress (UK) , Loco Dice (DE), Dubfire (IR -US), etc

Find enough of the posters for all of the above at planet ladydust blog,

Listen to radio spots involving some of her guests all around, here

View an instagram account of her touring,

an album on photos of her touring

Also download a promoter's use dj set presentation at this link

grab a cool dj'ing teaser, here,

and a video art teaser here!


Gagarin, Fuzz club, Texnopolis, Petras Theater, Half Note Jazz Club, Zappeion mansion, 360 bazaar/Syntagma Square, TerraVibe (Adventure Park), Kinono, Nixon, Tsin Tsin, It's a village, Passport Live Space, Miga, Six D.o.g.s, Braff, Tiki, Fouar, Rabbithole, O mpampas, Hard rock cafe, O kipos tis kalasnikof, Alley Cat, Skyfall, Corto Maltese, Bad Tooth, Metz, Death Disco, Sfiga, Dude, Booze Cooperativa, Closer, 10BHTA, Cantina Social, Sixnotites, Selofan, Intrepid Fox, Drunk Sinatra, Spinster, Jackson hall spirit, Stavros toy notou, Ippo, Tokyo, Mousa, Belafonte, Mosaiko, Anima, Blue bar, V4, Kafeneio, Key bar, The Party, Ritzy, Drugstore, Pinocchio, Locomotiva, Floral, Kafeoino, Rinokeros, Suzie q, Tribe, Hoxton, Dunkel, Escoba, Frogs, Lost & Found, Underworld, Garage, Celline, Old Habits, Azor, Darling, Egalite, Mikro, Portrait, Gazaki, Mosaic cafe, Modluv, Folie, Σουρεαλ Cantina Cultura, Romantso, Charlie's, Psipsina, Big Easy, Teddy Boy, Error, Vinylio, Burger Disco (ATHENS), Diatiriteo, Art house, Residents, La Doze (THESSALONIKI), More Steps, Lennon, Akti, Dexameni Project (PATRA), Artichoke, Miraggio (CORINTHE), Stoa, Boxx, To mparaki (IOANNINA), Stage (LARISA), Fidel, Kalashnikov, Otro (SERRES), Sinagogi, To Vazaki (CHANIA), Fortuna (SOUGIA), Jive (RETHYMNO), Thalassografia, Motel, H Aliki exei to lathos agori (KAVALA) ,Blow up (HERAKLEIO), En Arti (ARTA) Peppermint Motel (IERAPETRA), Bar 2 (NAYPAKTOS),Matala (CRETE), Moroa Beach Bar (NEOI POROI), Passport, Okio, Red, Piree (PIRAEUS), Mylos (KWS), Klepsydra (TRIKALA), Cultural Festival (MILOS), Nono, Dam, Costa Costa (CHALKIDIKI), Casablanca Soul (SANTORINI), E life Congress (PLASTERA LAKE), Astra, Agios Swstis Beach (MYKONOS), Mode, Escoba (KOZANI), Cadillac Records (KARDITSA), Bocca, Cargo (ALEXANDROUPOLI), Roots (LAMIA), Elia (SYROS), Fox Anglais (KYTHERA), Red (KATERINI), Legends (RHODES), Cafe Santan [upcoming] (VOLOS) La Haulle Freussinet (PARIS),The Others, Hackney Cut (LONDON), Control, Kristal Stage (BUCHAREST) etc

Ladydust has worked with dozens of promoters and has been represented by Dee Jay Booking in Brussels, having a strong presence among the most significant names of the music industry. Finally, she has been a Booking Agent . 

<3 DUST ON!!!.