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Big Easy 28 Jan
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Ladydust Bag




is the email address where someone can send his contact details (Full Name & Address with postal code) so as to receive his fav product of Ladydust Merch)

For the moment, Ladydust Merch is all about those little things that someone can buy to enjoy more the experience of Planet (#PlanetLadydust) and of her Upcoming book. (#LadydustTheBook)

This way he will support Ladydust & he will definitely be more stylish & cool in his life:)

As for this, this is Ladydust Bag!

A 48×32 hard cotton bag with the logo of ‘Ladydust’!
If you want to order one, you just go to the link:

Then you e- mail in your full address as said, at:
with the subject: ‘LADYDUST THE BOOK MERCH”.

The cost: is 30 euro and the shipping is included)

If you’ re using Vendora, you can also purchase it via ELTA or BOX NOW at the link:

Show your affection!❤