According to the myth ladydust can be found everywhere, (the way dust normally is..:)

But she has a permanent residence which is her own planet, called… what else? 'Planet Ladydust' :)

What is defined as her 'planet' is a.. radio broadcast, her own actually, which she personally hosts.

This is a weekly broadcast in which she presents her top favourite bands & artists from the international landscape and from music species like indie, shoegaze, stoner, garage, punk, electronica, trip hop, brit, dubstep, soul, funk, classic rock, post, experimental, desert, psyche, krautrock, 60's, 70’s, 80’s, film soundracks etc. This planet has no frontiers & stereotypes.

Ladydust has presented only during this broadcast streaming more than 1500 fresh bands & new releases, coming from the world landscape. Most of those bands were pretty non-famous, or unsigned. She actually watched many of them becoming slowly & steadily known afterwards & her human target was being completed.

Check at this link to get a blend of Planet’s playlists and listen to some of her radio broadcasts, or mixes at this page. Here, the playlists for broadcasts 57 until 78. Enough of them have been recorded for many radio stations, portals, international platforms etc Some of the radio stations she's been invited across the country during her touring : Eρτ, Στο Κοκκινο, Republic, 88,5, Μοjo, Ροδον, Μουσικο Καναλι, Studio E, Off, Aκροαμα, Avopolis, Νοstos, More, Bur radio, Music Society, Amagi, Popaganda, Kyoob tv, Enforadio, Rockarolla, Bleep Radio, Black Velvet, Intersonik radio etc

Find more information on planet ladydust, here.
((& in greek)

Someone can listen to all previous broadcasts, (including various mixtapes of hers), at: (see below)
Finally Ladydust is the hostess of a second broadcast named:' Τimeless stories of Dust', which involves just short interviews & presentations of bands & artists. Read about this, here