"Planet Ladydust radio broadcast initially started as a consequence of its hostess' touring journey "on the dexx” for almost two decades.
The show became a lot more than a broadcast, resulting in hundreds of unique mixes, which blend thousands of obscure new releases from the international rock scene married with diamonds from the past.
Personal incidents in Ladydust’s life defined the shape of her first 50 mixes (“planets”). After these first 50, Planet Ladydust transitioned to mixes "perfectly tuned with the mathematical language of the universe", as she puts it.
Drawing inspiration from radio producers like the legendary John Peel placed in a technological context similar to the magnificent iTunes Genius algorithm, Ladydust has produced 127 planet mixes. Each planet mix is conceptually different, containing narrations and Ladydust’s own internal “algorithm”, her innate musical intuition dancing with the tracks as a partner. 
Ladydust invites people into unique musical journeys, transporting the listener through galaxies of artists, teasing out each one’s natural expression as well as the need to "recall the lost divine memory where all is one and one is all."

Ladydust brand can be summarised in one line: "freedom against gravity”. She sees each mix as a kind of spaceship that can transport listeners to alternative dimensions.
Planet Ladydust intends to be one of the most sensitive and thorough catalogues of rock n' roll ever created."


After all, no matter what, we are all connected to the archetypes and to the stars themselves. Everything is happening in one single moment. There is a single moment in time from which everything eminates. Some are aware of the limitless nature of this one time, the moment that has an effect on all time and all consciousness. During this one time, even as humans, we have inumerous connections to every dimension. And even though we only have five senses we can still unlock the door το those. All we need, is connecting to it.
One way this can be held is in the dream like Carl Jung expressed in his popular book: 'The man and his symbols'. It is like there is an endless field we just tap into in this one time, in the stardust. Another way, is to try to notice the connection, the deep metaphorical connection between the incidents and the symbols which really occur in many many more than obvious ways.
Therefore people do really have the power to do what was once suggested: reinvent all the myths from the ancient forests and to live those myths in real life.
Ladydust also entered the single moment herself. In this single moment she was connected to the universal data of the channel of the myth of Ziggy Stardust. This was her personal experience of it, a true story she’s narrating in her book.
This experience also brought her to a point where she created Planet Ladydust.
Planet Ladydust artistically & symbolically "approaches earth" at certain times in order to broadcast the biggest achievement of humanity: music. Music, conceived as the only true decoder of the universe, having with it the common denominator of mathematics, constitutes on top of that, a vibration that is perfectly coordinated with the balance & legality that governs it.
As said above, music can be described as the universe's DUST, its litteral language.
The avatar of Ladydust was born as a consequence of the story written in her book, and it exists since the 'My Space' social network period. And if avatars are people's virtual alter ego, then music, is as said, : the avatar of everything:)
In Planet Ladydust, the audiences are being guided in producing feelings, therefore energies which will connect them straight away to a magnetic field of limitless possibilities and become like the shamans preached: co-masters of their own fate.
Tuning to the flow of music can only lead to connecting people to this one time, this single moment, where they can discover directional reference and reshape anything by getting also prepared to ultimately find as a state of mind first, before it becomes the actual state of ‘existence’, the: ‘freedom against gravity’.

Now some more maybe 'human' notes on planet ladydust: It certainly has no music frontiers & stereotypes. Its references come from the pantheon of classical diamonds of the past but also from dozens of contemporary trends & species as: indie, alternative, shoegaze, stoner, garage, punk, dark wave, synth new wave, electronica, avant garde, experimental noise, trip hop, gospel, brit, post, experimental, downtempo, desert, folk, psyche, kraut, but also soul, funk, ambient, afro, jazz, film soundtracks etc. Its all part of the narration and the flaw.

Check here to get the blend of Planet Ladydust playlists from planet 1 to 128.

Also view here, other planet ladydust guests,
to take a taste of the blend of much more coming to appearances at festival stages, radio stations, clubs.

Enough of planet ladydusts have been recorded for many radio stations, portals, international platforms, web radio stations, etc The show initially started (planets 1- 55) at 'Sto Kokkino' - (105,5 fm) Radio Station and continued its fm broadcast at Nostos
(100,6). Some random radio stations she's been invited during her touring : Ert, Sto Kokkino, Republic, 88,5, Mousiko kanali, Μοjo, Rodon, 96,2 fm, Studio, Off radio, Akroama, Avopolis, Νοstos, More, Rock Xs/, Bur, 88,8 star fm, Music Society, Amagi, Kyoob tv/ΝΥ, Enforadio, Rockaroll, Bleep, Black Velvet, Coni On air radio etc

Her mixcloud has so far dozens of thousands of listens and her mixes there have been recommended and selected by it in its global newsletters among the best of the world.

Find more on planet ladydust, here.
Also in greek.

Finally, find out the instagram account of planet ladydust . (all planets are numbered & accompanied by their playlists). Check also on facebook for planet ladydust group.

Someone can listen to all previous broadcasts, (including various mixtapes of hers), as said, at her mixcloud (see below at this menu for the button.)

She is in addition, the hostess of a second broadcast named:'Tales of Planet Ladydust which involves interviews & presentations of bands & artists of her planet as only she can do it, coming to the discussion topics included in there.

This Planet Ladydust Interviews Section as it is otherwise called, is another magical journey into the characters of the artists, into the myths behind the myths.

Read about this here.

Ladydust is in tune with the void since for Ever!!!

"The best DJs, whether on the radio or in the clubs, create and alter reality. They’re like pilots taking me on a little trip and I have to assume they’re going to get me where I need to be. I don’t need my musical pilots to reinforce reality—I get plenty of that day to day. That’s why I’m such a fan of Ladydust. Her online playlists remind me of my childhood days of listening to progressive FM disc jockeys, transporting me to another world and I’ve been fortunate enough to have her set the tone for a few of my live shows. I listened to her pre-show sets almost as a clue to where I wanted to go once I hit the stage. And I’d like to believe she did the same once she returned to her wheels of steel once I was done. I think we were a good outer-space sonic relay team. ‘Dust has a bunch of really great sets up on MixCloud that I enjoy from time to time—check ‘em out and take your hands off the wheel. She’ll get you where you need to go."
(Steve Wynn
from the Dream Syndicate)