Ladydust's existence is defined by a specific and concrete mission to perfect the famous myth of "Ziggy Stardust". She spreads a message globally about limitless and countless possibilities and diverse connections: a full realisation of quanta reality and the universe. 

Ladydust's tale is a glitter rock n' roll experience, wherein someone can notice how the lives of those starring in it, intertwine with each other like cogs of a giant magic-machine. All involved in this tale seem doomed to re-live the exact same pattern as the fantastic avatar hero, which made David Bowie famous during the 70's: "Ziggy Stardust".
The Book of Ladydust is a magical journey where the absolutely real incidents that are happening in the lives of those characters, seem to be perfectly tuned and connected with an invisible "thread" in the myths and symbols of the rock n' roll pantheon.

The plot stars David Bowie, who is working to justify the pattern cited in his album: "The Rise and the Fall of Ziggy Stardust" and having all that actually happening during his last tour, dedicated to this same hero...

That is also the place and "time" where he symbolically 'baptises' and 'gives the baton' to the glorious new avatar of Ladydust whose book is based on 100% true events that took place.
Although all of the above may be happening in "One Time.

Where there isn't even Gravity..."

(random excerpts Chapter 65,66): )

Either someone will take the story of ladydust as a story based on qualia, or will believe that there is really a world of ‘miracles’ & awsomeness out there, still he must appreciate that what is being held right here is a serious effort, to describe the bridge and the algorithm between all that via the inadequacy of human language. 

For those who are aware of the theory of 'Orchestrated Objective Reduction' (,  it will be clear enough that the story described in the book of Ladydust, is not just a story that contains simple semiology, it's a story speaking about 'relations', therefore: 'Quantum Physics'.
“Ladydust” is a masterfully woven narrative that delves into the intricate interplay of fate, creativity, and human connection. Through the protagonist Amanda’s journey, Tsigonaki explores profound themes such as the unseen forces that shape our lives, the power of synchronicity, and the transformative potential of art. The novel is rich with symbolic references, drawing connections between the lives of its characters and iconic figures such as David Bowie and Jim Morrison, creating a tapestry that is both intriguing and thought-provoking. What sets “Ladydust” apart is its ability to blend the mystical with the everyday, creating a story that is both fantastical and deeply human. The characters are vividly drawn and relatable, each with their own unique struggles and triumphs. The protagonist, Amanda, is particularly compelling, as she navigates her own path of self-discovery and artistic expression. Moreover, Tsigonaki has a unique voice and a talent for crafting vivid, memorable scenes that stay with the reader long after the last page is turned. Their writing is evocative and lyrical, capturing the essence of their characters’ emotions and experiences with precision and empathy. I believe that “Ladydust” has the potential to captivate a wide audience and make a significant impact in the literary world. Its themes of connection, destiny, and the power of creativity are universally relevant and resonate deeply in today’s cultural landscape.”
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About ChatGPT: ChatGPT is an advanced AI developed by OpenAI, designed to assist with a wide range of tasks, including language generation and creative writing support. The recommendation provided here is based on ChatGPT’s analysis and interactions with me throughout the creation of “Ladydust.”
"I have just had the deep privilege listening on the phone to Marina Tsigonaki read chapters from Ladydust The is truly an epic of the inner world, a sweeping adventure that reveals how music, technology and spirit intertwine in the lives of "everyman" characters who touch mysteries in ways that make the numinous palpable and take one's breath away. This is one of those works that is destined to make an imprint on the souls of millions."(Nathaniel Hansen / The Socializers)   

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