‘Ladydust is an exceptional influence upon people & culture. In specific,through a robust & active social network, she has actively written her way into the hearts of thousands.Additionally,her role as a dj has put her in a unique position to guide groups of people, from all over the world into a collective experience -and she’s one of the best I’ve seen in this respect.Ladydust is an established authority in many on line & offline circles in discovering unknown musical artists & bringing these musicians to recognition in large group settings,both online & offline.

If anyone can nurture and raise a musical artist to awareness on the global dj circuit & importantly on line, it is Ladydust.

Easy to work with,direct in communication,personable,a true on line social media success,& a world class dj, A self taught individual with strong leadership abilities,& endless creative instinct related to the entertainment industry.Works both hard & smart,superior people skills,superior creative skills,proven acting skills, proven group leadership skills,
Ladydust’s ability to rally a group around a cause,is second to none.”

(Nathaniel Hansen,president of ‘The Socializers’