Ladydust has been in the field of acting since 2008.

Her drama portfolio has so far a number of (mostly) international cinema projects included, such as: the Dutch/Belgian feature film: 'Portable Life", the Israeli (again feature) "Magic Men", the NY docufiction: "Denousa"& the Canadian: "Receta", the UK short: "Seal of Lilith", the US short: "The Penal Colony", the US animations: "Rio 1" & "Rio 2", the "Ice Age 4" & "Ice Age 5", the Indian feature: "Terre Mere Darmiyan", etc

More analytically on all that, view some of her cinema movies, (few) theatrical acts, tv series , tv spots ,docufiction projects, or videoclips.

Ladydust has also done a lot of voice acting like dubbing (actually as said the starring roles of Fox's animations: "Rio 1", ”Rio 2”, ”Ice Age 4” & ”Ice Age 5”)
, voice overs, audiobooks

She has also collaborated with the platform of
Book Voice.

and she has worked with a lot of big voice acting studios all over like: Musou Music Group, Power Music, Piranha, Gem, Garden Studios, Todu Loft, GiaTousAllous, etc.
Listen to a demo containing highlights of hers as a voice over actress, here.

Additionally, she has done some stuff as a presenter.

She has credits in film as an assistant & an executive producer.
The film in which she's been an executive was selected in the well respected platform of shortage as one of the most promising indie films internationally.

View her Imdb, a quick reel, or even some audition tapes of hers.

In some of the movies you can find her acting along great Hollywood names like Rutger Hauers and being directed by Oscar awarded directors such as Guy Nattiv.

Another movie in which she's been the starring actress , The "Final Pay Off".
has taken distribution in US by Bay View Entertainment. The movie is already in all the big platforms as a a dvd & on line streaming & was recently selected as 'film of the week' on the cinema platform of Cinesquare..

Ladydust has had acting courses with us coaches like Bernard Hiller, uk coaches like Leon Herbert and many many more.

View a cv in greek
and one in english

Also view an album of photos @ this link

plus read if u want, some interviews of Ladydust accompanied by their english translations & a few movie press releases.

"Ladydust is a hard working actress, gifted with passion and talent" (Guy Nattiv)